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6 industry-wide developments in lockdown

The nature of business and work is changing. Here are some things that are happening in industry right now due to the Covid 19 lockdown. Some of these changes are ruthless, some are wonderful – arguably, all are practical.

1. Keeping it lean

There are stories emerging of companies realising they are coping with less headcount (this is not the same as cutting numbers for surviving), so some furloughed employees will not keep their jobs as a result. It’s a hard, ruthless truth about what is happening and you won’t have to look hard to find an example near you. Operations are becoming leaner and more efficient. The redundancies will of course add fuel for a recession. In time you can expect a sizable wave of new self-employed freelancers appearing as people attempt to transform misfortune into a new independent path.

2. 9-5 is not so important

Getting the job done is far more important than clock-watching for attendance – the enforced 9-5, the breaks at set times etc. These details are not important. The goal, the aim, the job in hand – that is all that should matter. With staff working from home and still getting things done, employers can see this for themselves. There is a harder focus on ‘purpose’ and ‘result’ as the values, not how long someone has worked on a task. Juggling childcare and home learning with schools shut, has made normal working hours a thing of the past for many.

3. Remote working works

We’re now all used to Zoom meetings. It’s no longer a novelty but a way of working life. It’s a revolution that has been anticipated for years but it took lockdown to make remote group meetings a reality in business life for the majority. It saves money and time and you can bet it will not vanish overnight, as a way to hold meetings.

4. Support matters

Despite, maybe because, people are losing their jobs and businesses at this time and living in fear and anxiety as a norm, there is a lot of focus on supporting other businesses, other people and offering help. This is the nicer side of what is happening in business, networks are popping up that were not there previously, people are making an effort to connect because it is not a given anymore.

5. Adapting and transforming is key

Businesses are having to think on their feet, change most of how they work and what they do. Some companies have had to change entirely the way they do things and every company that sells anything has had to ramp up their delivery services and their marketing.

6. Online presence is more important than ever

Everyone is looking and engaging online. Whereas before Covid 19, you could choose where to meet, who to see, what events to go to, who to talk to – now everything is online. You need an online strategy more than ever.

Business has never been more challenging but there are huge opportunities too and adapting is what matters the most. Contact us if you need a new website or marketing mix. We can help you through this difficult time.

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