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Tree saplings in hands

plant trees for tomorrow

We are proud to announce that we have been working in collaboration with 9Trees, a marvellous charity based in the beautifully rural Llandeilo Graban, Wales. Helen has been running some strategy meetings with them in order to help boost their marketing impact. 

If you don’t already know, 9Trees is an organisation committed to rewilding the UK. As the name suggests, 9Trees plant 9 trees per donor. Why 9 trees? Well, if everyone on Earth each planted 9 trees, we would be able to completely eliminate the climate crisis. The idea is based on the fact that globally, each person produces 7 tonnes of CO2 every year. However, by planting 9 trees per person, the 7 tonnes of CO2 is completely offset. Approximately 8.4tonnes of CO2 can be absorbed each year for every hectare of trees. 

the right kind of wilderness

There are some arguments that claim that rewilding initiatives can be ineffective or in rare cases, even cause further damage to ecosystems. However, these arguments stem from the fact that many initiatives do not conduct sufficient research into where to plant trees, and furthermore, they do not make an effort to nurture and maintain them once they’re planted. 9Trees tackles this problem through thorough research into natural habitats, ecology and native tree types, to ensure that they aren’t just planting random trees, but are actively growing and maintaining ecosystems so that they continue to thrive for years to come. 

paid to grow

The great news is that the UK government actively encourages rewilding efforts by offering money to landowners who cannot use their land for farming. This action is taken to ensure endangered species such as water voles are provided with the appropriate habitat to flourish and repopulate. The payments which landowners are paid are expected to reach as high as £800m a year by 2028’. This should help create a large number of natural sites where it will be possible to plant new trees. Additionally, it means that the land is protected and fenced off. Subsequently, Each tree that is planted is geolocated and can be visited. The team at 9Trees hold themselves accountable for ensuring that your donations contribute to the trees being planted. 

big moves for big changes

Fortunately for the planet, rewilding is part of a larger change that the UK government is implementing in order to cut emissions by 55% by 2030. Grants for green energy improvements to homes are being offered, such as grants for installing biomass boilers or wall insulation. The biggest challenge is that change isn’t occurring fast enough and time is running out. 

At Find Marketing, we’re deeply passionate about ensuring that natural wildlife and nature continues to bloom. If you feel the same way as us, we’d love it if you could make a donation to 9Trees here in order to help the planet recover.

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